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3-Level SAFe is for smaller value streams of around 100 people or less

It includes Team, Program, and Portfolio levels

4-Level SAFe is for large solutions including hundreds or more practitioners per value stream

It includes Team, Program, Portfolio, and new Value Stream level

Order SAFe Travel Fabric Posters

Need a Big Picture in the field, but don’t want to lug around a giant poster board?

SAFe is available in a handy crease-resistant fabric that is so lightweight it will fit in your laptop case! Specifically formulated for high-resolution printing, the SAFe travel-fabric poster features crisp images and graphics.

Available in both 3-Level and 4-Level SAFe in three sizes: 48×36, 42×56 or 48×64


Download SAFe Posters

The SAFe House of Lean poster describes the Lean value system that informs the SAFe leadership mindset. It is organized around six key constructs: Value, Respect for People and Culture, Flow, Innovation, Relentless Improvement, and Leadership.

The SAFe Principles poster lists nine immutable, underlying Lean and Agile principles upon which SAFe is based. These are the fundamental tenets, basic truths and economic underpinnings that drive the roles and practices that make SAFe effective.

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