Why we’re excited about Gene Kim’s upcoming keynote at the SAFe Summit

Why we’re excited about Gene Kim’s upcoming keynote at the SAFe Summit

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Few thought leaders in the IT space can match the global influence Gene Kim has had in helping organizations radically improve how technology-based capabilities are developed.

Gene’s ‘ding in the universe’ began with The Phoenix Project, that once-you-start-reading-it-you-can’t-put-it-down novel that had all of us wondering how Gene and his co-authors managed to know so much about the people we worked with and the challenges we had all faced throughout our individual journeys in IT. What started as a worldwide conversation about a book has turned into a movement, providing leaders and practitioners with a unifying blueprint for how software and systems will be developed, deployed, enhanced, and supported for years to come.

It has been my tremendous honor to have known Gene personally for several years. I met him at a small dinner gathering in Washington DC, and was amazed at his humility and genuine interest in my stories of how government agencies were wrestling with the shift to Lean-Agile product development. We have continued our conversation and our friendship ever since. His encouragement and curiosity throughout my doctoral journey was more meaningful to me than he will ever know. It was a highlight of my career to be invited by Gene to share the insights of my research into transformational leadership and organizational change at the DevOps Enterprise Summit in San Francisco in 2016, and again this year at the DOES conference in London.

All of us at Scaled Agile are thrilled to have Gene as a keynote speaker for this year’s SAFe Summit. Gene’s wisdom and insights into the global DevOps conversation reflected in The DevOps Handbook have been immensely helpful as we have expanded our discussion of DevOps in the next update to SAFe. In his Summit presentation, Gene will share the top lessons learned in his study of high-performing technology organizations, as well as the top principles and patterns, and how large, complex organizations are successfully adopting DevOps culture and work practices.

The lineup for our gathering in October was already powerful, but with the addition of Gene’s voice this year’s Summit just became a must-not-miss event! We look forward to seeing you there.

—Dr. Steve Mayner
SPCT and Senior Consultant

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