SAFe in High-Assurance and Regulated Environments

Building High-Assurance Systems with SAFe 4.0 **UPDATED!**

Many large enterprises that develop the most complex software and systems in the world operate in an environment with a high degree of oversight governed by laws, regulations, industry standards, and more. It is common that these systems have an unacceptably high social or economic cost of failure such as in the aerospace, medical, and banking industries. Historically these regulatory and compliance guidelines have assumed a waterfall, phase gate approach to product development. Can lean-agile practices using SAFe be applied in these environments? Absolutely!

Our guidance for Regulatory and Compliance intensive implementations of SAFe has been recently updated by our own Dr. Steve Mayner from Scaled Agile, and Harry Koehneman from 321Gang, Inc. They recently presented this guidance in this webinar.

A PDF file of the slides used in the presentation can also be downloaded here:

In the coming weeks, we will be finalizing a white paper that will provide further details for implementing SAFe in high regulatory and compliance environments.

In the meantime, you can still refer to Dean’s original whitepaper on this topic Agile Software Development with Verification and Validation in High Assurance and Regulated Environments.